Types Of Apocalypses

The Unfinishable List

The entire Post-Apocalypse Handbook Wiki is intended to be a living document, but with each section we hope to reach a point where we can look to it and feel some sense of completion. Each section, that is, save this one. We will simply never be able to list all of the possibilities that the future holds. Still, we will do our best to cover everything that we can.

Outside Threats
The Universe is a scary place full of things that want to kill us. These tend to be the world-ending events that are less survivable.

  • Aliens
  • Extraterrestrial Collision
    • Antimatter/Dark Matter clouds
    • Gas Clouds
    • Asteroids and Comets
    • Rogue Planetoids
    • Wandering Black Holes
  • Exploding Sun
  • Receding Sun
  • Gamma Ray Bursts

Our Own Worst Enemies
Every sword has the power to cut it's wielder, and modern technology constantly gives us bigger and sharper swords.

  • Robot Uprising
  • Nuclear War
  • As-Yet Unspecified Doomsday Weapons
  • Nanotech Gone Awry
  • Superplagues
  • Evil Clones
  • Black Hole "Oopsie"
  • Economic Megadepression
  • Toxic Superspill
  • Mutant Uprising
  • Social Collapse
    • Economic Megadepression
    • Energy Collapse

Nature is a Bitch

  • Errant Weather
    • Global Warming
    • Global Cooling
    • Global Desertification
    • Global Superstorms
    • Rising Oceans
  • Plants Fighting Back
  • Famine
  • Natural Superplague
  • Supervolcanoes
  • Animal Uprising
  • Magnetic Pole Inversion

Supernatural Threats
These threats (with the exception of Zombies, of course) seem generally less likely. However, to discount them entirely would be just foolhardy.

  • Zombies
  • The Rapture
  • Rise of Satan
  • Elder Gods waking up cranky
  • New Gods rising
  • Angry Wizard(s)
  • Murderous Plague of Angry, Vengeful Faeries
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves